The magnetic design of this phone holder is brilliant. It allows for effortless attachment and removal of your phone with just one hand, making it incredibly. MRIs employ powerful magnets which produce a strong magnetic field that forces protons in the body to align with that field. When a radiofrequency current is. The Magnet Recognition Program designates organizations worldwide where nursing leaders successfully align their nursing strategic goals to improve the. To Be Magnetic™, curated by Lacy Phillips, presents a modern guide for holistic living and manifestation. Learn how to manifest money, manifest love. Neosmuk Magnetic Hooks, 27 lb+ Heavy Duty Earth Magnets with Hook for Refrigerator, Extra Strong Cruise Hook for Hanging, Magnetic Hanger for.

The magnetic flow meter's sensor is placed inline and measures an induced voltage generated by the fluid as it flows through a pipe. The transmitter takes the. Best of Magnetic Games · Play all · Magnet Satisfaction Extreme | Magnetic Games · Magnetic Accelerators | Magnetic Games · Magnet Satisfaction % | Magnetic. A magnetic field is a physical field that describes the magnetic influence on moving electric charges, electric currents: ch1 and magnetic materials. magnetic · alluring · appealing · arresting · bewitching · captivating · charismatic · charming · enchanting · entrancing · fascinating · inviting · mesmerizing. Magnetic Shield Corporation manufactures and supplies magnetic field shielding MuMETAL®, specialty alloys, custom fabrication, products, and solutions. Magnetic declination (sometimes called magnetic variation) is the angle between magnetic north and true north. Declination is positive when this angle is. Magnetic literally refers to something that attracts metal, like iron or steel. Refrigerator doors are magnetic, so magnets stick to it. Also, someone who is. Magnetic Me baby clothing, with patented magnetic fasteners, is the absolute easiest way to dress. Shop footies, onepieces, sets, accessories, and more! Synonyms for MAGNETIC: charismatic, attractive, appealing, charming, seductive, fascinating, enchanting, interesting; Antonyms of MAGNETIC: repulsive. The Magnet Array is a scientific experiment that collects dust on the Mars Exploration Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity. Magnetic grains in Martian dust are.

magnetic in American English · 1. of or pertaining to a magnet or magnetism · 2. having the properties of a magnet · 3. capable of being magnetized or attracted. exerting a strong attractive power or charm: a magnetic personality. Synonyms: captivating, charismatic, persuasive. What is the origin of the magnetic field? Magnetic fields occur whenever charge is in motion. As more charge is put in more motion, the strength of a magnetic. Adjective edit · Of, relating to, operating by, or caused by magnetism. quotations ▽ · Having the properties of a magnet, especially the ability to draw or. Discover the latest in magnetic construction at MAGNA-TILES®! Powered purely by kids' imaginations, MAGNA-TILES products have a powerful influence on. The World Magnetic Model (WMM) is the standard model for navigation, attitude, and heading referencing systems using the geomagnetic field. MAGNETIC meaning: 1. (of a metal object or material) able to attract objects or materials containing iron or steel. Learn more. Magnetic: Directed by Thierry Donard. With Wille Lindberg, Malachi Templeton. The tale of men and women attracted by the magnetic force of unleashed. Magnetic Particle Imaging: Enabling Breakthrough Research in Cell Therapy, Neuroimaging, Inflamation, Nanoparticle Development, and Localized Hyperthermia.

Magnetic Eye Records is a boutique label presenting beautifully-designed and curated records from artists across the spectrum of heavy music. Dedicated to. We are a leading magnet manufacturer of high-quality permanent magnets, magnetic assemblies, precision thin metals, flexible composites, and electromagnets. The MagLab is the largest and highest powered magnet lab in the world, offering scientists free access to unique instruments and expertise to help advance. Meet Crags, the world's first magnetic fidget putty. Run your fingers through the super smooth stones for a satisfying dose of stress relief. Magnetic Magazine, the edm-culture blog featuring interviews, edm-downloads, house music and new electronic music.

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